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Children Cancer Hope registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3) organization. and was founded in 2008 by Wael Noman; after spending time with the young cancer victims in 2008 at Alwahda hospital in Aden city, Yemen, and meeting with the doctors, staff, children and their families, he felt the urgent to make a difference in their lives.
Every day dozens of children with cancer arrive at Alwahada Children’s Hospital in Aden city - Yemen from surrounding cities and villages for varying treatments. Between 25-35 patients daily, According to the UN statistics there are approximately more then (15000) registered children with cancer in Yemen. We feel that we can help by providing needed Aid and developing the skills that will be useful throughout their lives. Our organization is dedicated to helping. Recovery from the cancer is only partially due to the lack of needed medical supplies.
Alwahada Children’s Hospital
The children's oncology center in the hospital was established in 1999. It was the first center in Yemen that helps children fighting cancer from all over the country. The Center in Alwahda hospital has received little to no funding from the government since 1999. Patients’ families are required to bring basic amenities as the hospital lacks these and many of the basic medical supplies such as syringes, intravenous tubes, masks and etc. While we take for granted these basic necessities in the United States, the children hospital does not have enough money to buy pharmaceutical drugs, medical supplies and equipment.
Also, the Yemeni government does not provide information to educate people about the causes of cancer or what can be done to help prevent it. Also, there is very little information available about what the various cancer symptoms and warning signs. Most families do not know that their children have these serious illnesses until four months after they have already spread.
The center gets its funds from donations from businesses in Yemen and outside the country. According to Dr. Gamal Zian, president of the center, “we need more support to enable it to confront the increasing number of cancer patients in the impoverished country”. Most of the affected children come from poor families. Twenty percent of the children come from the city of Aden with the remaining 80% coming from villages outside Aden city.

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